Detox your mind – Enrich your life

This 6 week online course will have you detoxing your mind and creating life changes quicker than you ever thought possible. It is being offered in 2 different timeslots either commencing on the 4th  June 2013 (1 hour each Tuesday evening from 7pm) or 10th June 2013 (1 hour each Monday morning from 10am)

We’ve all heard about the benefits of detoxing our bodies eg. more energy, better digestion, just feeling better,  yet few of us really understand how to detox our minds and why this is even more important than detoxing our bodies and brings many more benefits.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • improve some aspect of your life eg. make your business more profitable, be a better parent, improve your relationships, be more motivated, improve your finances, lose some weight, develop better life coping mechanisms, not be so angry, tired or frustrated etc.
  • develop your intuitive self and decision making ability,
  • learn how to manifest effortlessly or
  • heal an illness or
  • rise above your emotions that have you reacting rather than staying calm and responding with respect and love.

During this course you will learn to tap into your intuitive self and apply the principles of the Law of Attraction, Hermetics, Mentalism, Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine.

You will finish with a clear vision of a richer life for yourself and during this 6 week period manifest some of your desires, whether they be peace of mind, becoming unstuck, attracting a mate or creating better relationships or more financial abundance, weight loss or improved health and vitality.

This is a very practical course where I will be clearing your limiting beliefs and teaching you the tools to manifest a richer life.  The course is designed to bring to your consciousness outdated and limiting beliefs, default programming and recurring thoughts that keep you stuck in the lower vibrations, manifesting situations that you don’t prefer.

To manifest something new you have to raise your awareness and vibration and clear the old energies and patterning. New empowered and empowering beliefs will emerge as the old seem to miraculously fall away though an almost effortless rapid detoxing process.

Course Outline

Week 1 – Connecting to your intuitive and creator self

Week 2 – Clearing the past / Living in the present

Week 3 – Inviting change

Week 4 – Designing your richer life

Week 5 – Conscious Creation & Beingness

Week 6 – Using the manifestors toolbox to create what you prefer


I offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you attend the first week and are not completely satisfied and do not wish to continue the 6 week program I will refund your $395 – no questions asked.  Just email me directly asking for a full refund.

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