About Helen

Helen is a passionate and inspirational coach on a mission to transform people’s lives.

She was a Registered Nurse for 25 years, and has been working in the medical, aged care and wellness industry for more than 35 years. Helen has been very successful in business and translates this experience into a masterful transformation coach.

She has undertaken many personal development, management and leadership courses and read over 1000 books on business, healing, wellness and personal development. She has studied many of the esoteric arts and participated in intuitive and energy healing courses.

She uses well known and tested methodologies to raise consciousness, increase mindfulness, create what she prefers using mental alchemy, vibrational medicine and energy healing in her everyday life and coaching practice.

Totally dedicated to living her best life, she shares tried and tested techniques and practices that you too can utilise to create more of what you prefer and experience your best life and recommends clean and natural products.

Join her on a group webinar, one to one consultation or retreat.